Aegina is an island of Saronic bay.With this name it is the capital and the main port of the island. During ancient times it was colonial center of Peloponissian, Aegean and Mirmidonon. The town of Aegina was the first capital of Greece. Today it is the second biggest in extent, population and growth island of Saronic gulf.

The island presents major sights like Afaias Temple, Palaiochora (the “islander” Mistras) the ruins of EllaniouDios temple, the prehistoric/historic settlement of Kolona, the Tower of Markellos, Mitropolis, the Museum of Kapralos, the Folklorist Museum and the Archaeological Museum. Popular tourist center is also the impressive monastery of Agios Nektarios with the huge holy temple as a plethora of churches which were saved after the Turkish rule.

Another special feature of this island is the known “Aegina peanut” name that was copyright as a product of protected name origin (POP) in 1996. Its quality is considered internationally exceptional and outweighs in comparison to plenty of foreign varieties, something that is owned to its special climate conditions of the island and to volcanic features of the soil. The nuts of Fistikia have made Aegina popular worldwide.

Apart from its cultural energy, its natural beauty but also the special local products, Aegina impresses every visitor with its beaches. Maybe the most known and cosmopolitan beach in the island is that of Agia Marina which provides white sand and it is awarded with a blue flag, something that makes it ideal for kids and families. The beach offers many choices of beach bars and umbrellas, but also ouzeri to enjoy delicious sea delicacies.

A different point of view someone will see is Portes Beach which is ideal for those who seek a quiet place without many people and deck chairs. It is a pebble beach which is decorated with green, big pines.

Known and favorite are other beaches of the island like Marathonas beach with crystal waters and golden sand, ideal for families, Klima  beach with sand and pebbles, but also the beach in Moni Island where a small boat goes from Aegina’ sport and has beautiful emerald waters.