Chios is an island of Central Aegean and the fifth biggest of Greece with an extent of 842 km and a length of 213 km.Administratively, it belongs to the Region of North Aegean with Psara and Antipsara and Oinousses. The major products that exports is the known chioticki mastic gum, oil, figs and wine, while it has an international reputation for its size and quality of its shipping.The capital of island is Chios town known to locals as Chora.Still, several settlements stand out which are known for their architecture features.

The almost 100 beaches of the island are characterised by a natural virgin beauty as they haven’t been spoiled yet by tourist waves and the excessive human activity.The most known beach of Chios is MavraVolia beach which is in the south part of the island and its name comes from the black pebbles that cover its coast due to older volcanic action.

An equal beautiful choice is Agia Dinami beach, with the homonymous small church that lies there.It is about a small beach that offers its visitors a fairytale spectacle with its blue green waters to meet the greenest tamarisks and the golden sand of the coast.

For those who seek more comforts, an ideal destination is Komi beach with an endless sandy beach which covers the southeastern side of island. Opposite the coastland of Asia Minor, the visitor has the opportunity to enjoy his coffee or food but also try the water sports that are offered.

Some more of the exquisite beaches of the island is Karfas beach that lies the nearest from all in Chios town and provides many organised shops and lively night life, the beach Giosona in the north part of the island combines both the natural beauty of the mountain and the sea, Glaroi beach whose story starts from an old quarry, Vroulida beach in the southern edge of the island and many more.