Corfu is one of the northestand western islands of Greece and Ionian Sea.  It is located in the entrance of Adriatic Sea near the Continental coasts. Its northeastern coasts quite approach the coasts of Saints Saranda in Albania. It has a rectangular shape,wider at its north section, while it narrows towards the south. Its coastline has total length 217 km and form enough bays and capes. Its ground is mainly mountainous, especially in the north part. The highest peak is that of mountain Pandokratoras, the biggest lake is Korission lake.Also, there is Chalkiopoulou lagoon in the south of Corfu town.

You can meet excellent locations out of town.Among the sights of the area there is Achilleion, the palace of Empress Elizabeth (Sisi)of Austria, with the famous sculpture “Achilleas Thniskon” and other wonderful work of art, like murals and paintings. The area of Pelekas is famous for its sunset view that offers, while in Palaiokastritsa there is the Byzantine fort of Aggelokastro. Undoubtedly, the special villages in the island of Corfu which are surrounded by green and are charming are worth mentioning.These villages are Sinarades of Corfu, St.Matthew, Vapiratades, Korakiana, Giannades, Karousades, Episkepsi, Chlomos, Spartylas, Lefkimmi and AnoPerithia of Corfu where in recent years it is distinguished as the third more unexplored place in the whole world.

Organised cosmopolitan coasts, small exotic bays full of green, but also deserted golden beaches are some pictures that compose the beautiful landscape of Corfu. One of the most popular and much photographed spots of Corfu is Canald’ amour the so called Love canal which is created by the impressive rocks from sandstone that constantly sculpt the wind and the wave in the course of time. The sequence of bays, caves and earthen passages make a unique landscape, for which there is a myth that the couples who will swim here stay in love forever.

One more beach of unique beauty in Corfu, is Palaiokastritsa beach.The greenest nature which surrounds the crystal waters of the bay, the sandy beach and its  clear waters, confirms those who consider it the most beautiful beach in the island.It provides an organised beach bar, deck chairs but also facilities for boat rides and water sports.

For the more demanding and extreme visitors in the island Drastis Cape is recommended.A landscape with untamed natural beauty which is located to the northwest part of Corfu, whereas  the road to get there is considered inaccessible.That’s why it would be better to rent a jeep so as to enjoy the ride even more.The wild natural beauty of the Ionian islands is combined with the Corfu fjords and the blue waters of Ionian Sea  giving an unreal image.

A totally different landscape from the above is that one a visitor will meet at the beaches Halikouna and Issos which are by LakeKorission, a protected wetland of incomparable beauty.The two beaches are separated by a small cedar forest while the beach is a narrow sandy stripe rather organised at some points and is mostly loved by windsurfers and kite surfers.

Others very beautiful beaches worth visiting by someone is Loggas with steep rocks and great sunset, Porto Timoni with its pebbled bays and idyllic view, Glyfada in which there are plenty of shops with deck chairs since it consists the most organised island beach. Benitses for an exceptional gastronomic experience and many more.