Karpathos is the second in extent island of the Greek island complex of Dodecanese. It consists of a rich natural reserve and that’s why it provides protected areas, where populations of different kind of fauna that are endangered survive. It is in the middle of Karpathio open sea between Rhodes and Crete and has Pigadia as a capital.

The spots that someone has to visit are some of the 18 early Christian basilica of the island like Agia Anastasia in Arkasa and AgiaFotini in the town of Karpathos. Major sights are also the ruins of the ancient town of Vrikountosin the north of the island, the ruins of ancient Arkasia at Palaiokastro of Arkasa, as well as Kastro and the ancient citadel of the town of Karpathos in Aperitif. In Lefko, there is the Roman tank and archaeological ruins. In the town of Karpathos and in Arkasathere are ancient chambered tombs, sample of those is at the Archaeological Museum of Karpathos. Also, traditional windmills and traditional buildings are scattered in the whole island. The available museums in the island are the Archaeological museum of Karpathos town, the Folklorist museum Meneton, the Archaeological museum of Arkasas, the Farming museum Pilon and the Folklorist museum of Othous.

This nice island of Dodecanese even though it is basically mountainous, offers emerald waters and lovely beaches to its visitors. At the east side of the island there is one of the most beautiful beaches of Karpathos, Apella. The golden sand, the green blue deep waters and the pine plant scenery which is mixed with the rocks of the beach, are the reasons that make this beach special.

Northwest of Pigadia there is the most known beach of the island. In Kira Panagia the deep waters of Aegean are combined with the golden sand and the landscape completes the beautiful small church that lies above the beach. After diving anyone can enjoy the island’s delicacies in some of the traditional taverns that are nearby.

Special and wonderful are many more of the island’s beaches like Lefkos with the exquisite golden sandy beach, Diakoftis, with turquoise waters and the white sand and Agios Minas with the beautiful pebbled coast.