Mykonos is an island of Aegean Sea and belongs to Cyclades. Capital of the island is Chora, which is situated in the west side of the island. The island’s extent is 106 while it has a coastal length of 89 km. Mykonos was one of the first Greek islands which was touristically developed. Already since 1860s tourists have been swarming towards the island. Today the island’s nightlife is considered of the most vigorous and active in Europe. The most known spot of the island in Chora is called little Venice due to its resemblance to Venice.

Several museums of big cultural interest operate in the island. The Archaeological Museum of Mykonos, which was built in 1902, to house the findings of 426/5 B.C from Rineia. Among the findings of Mykonos the big “Pithos of Mykonos” especially impresses with its rich embossed patterns from Trojan War, spaced out in Zones. Equally important is the Navy Museum of Aegean. The cause of the museum is the conservation, show and study of the Greek navy history and tradition and particularly the evolution and activity of the navy ship, mostly at the historical place of Aegean. Finally, the Folkloric Museum of Mykonos is located in the position Kastro, near Paraportiani and is housed in an old two-storey house.

Beasides the cosmopolitan aura, the cultural culture, the wild and the island’s picturesque atmosphere, Mykonos has to offer many great beaches. Psarou is undoubtedly the most cosmopolitan beach of the island with fine golden sand and emerald water. Its luxurious beach bars and pricey restaurants host crowd of famous celebrities from Greece and abroad, while on its deck super luxurious boats are hosted.

The beaches Paradise and Super Paradise are well known all over the world for the parties till morning but also for the crowd of famous people who host every summer. The beach bars of these beaches have hosted major DJ of global music stage while  the visitor can enjoy plenty of facilities and entertainment like waterski, jet ski, banana boats, water bikes, diving and so much more. However, these facilities don’t replace the wonderful scenery that the beaches compose with the golden sandy beach and the blue green waters.

In a 13 km distance from the Chora of the island is Elia, the biggest beach of Mykonos, as well as one of the most peaceful even if it’s well organised. It is distinguished for its clear blue waters, as well as its golden sandy beach whereas close to it there are restaurants for new gastronomic surprises.The beach is characterised as gay-friendly while in some parts nudism is allowed.

Beaches that are also worth visiting in the island of winds is Platis Gialos which is characterised by its family atmosphere it provides Ornos beach which is next to the Chora of the island with golden sand and blue green clear waters, Kapari which is ideal for isolation and relaxing moments and many more.