Paros is the fourth in size island of Cyclades. It is situated west of Naxos, having an extent of 193.308 sq km and its coastal line is 118.5 km. Its timely geographical position in central Aegean the crossroad of sea ways that combine the continental Greece with the islands of Archipelagos, the Asia Minor coasts and the Mediterranean at large consisted the timeless base for the island’s development. The Chora of the island but also the area of Naousa are the areas that attract crowds of visitors whereas the recent years Antiparos is of great tourist interest. Antiparos is lies opposite Pounda of Paros and presents excellent beaches, images of natural beauty but also many recommendations for food and fun.

Apart from its historical legacy but also its natural beauty, Paros has a rich tradition in local morals and customs. Every year on 15 August the image of Virgin Mary of Ekatontapiliani is on litany with the participation of people from all the island. Furthermore, the Environmental and Cultural park of Paros holds since 2009 the “Festival at the Park”, a summer schedule of cultural, athletic and environmental events at its facilities which last from June to September and hosts various cultural events.

In Naousa on 23 August a big fair for the Novena of Theotokos takes place. In the morning there is a church service and a litany on the picture of Virgin Mary while at night three fishing boats full of pirates plunder the island and steal the women. The whole event is accompanied by traditional music and dancing for all. In Alyki of Paros, every year, for 35 years, the Museum of Cycladic Folklore Benetou and PopiSkiada accept the old and new visitors. It’s a remarkable work of art, skill and worship for our civilisation. A place of inspiration for creation for little and adults.

In the island there is also the Navy Group of Paros housed in Livadia of Paroikia. It is activated in navy sports with swimming sections triangular sailing open sea, but also cultural or environmental actions. Since 2017 a sailor group specialising in sailing, swimming and water polo and in Naousaof Paros. Due to the strong winds, Paros offers the potential of development such sports like kitesurf and surfboard.

The beaches of Paros are characterised by the classic wild but charming beauty of Cyclades. Blue water, golden sandy beaches or beaches full of pebbles, deserted or cosmopolitan coasts full of life. At the west of Naousa’s bay, is one of the most famous and special beach in Paros; Kolympithres. Rocks from granite are on the beach while many jumping through the blue crystal clear waters. The beach is organized with deck chairs.Yet anyone can admire this special landscape lying on one of these rocks.

In the path between Paros and Antiparosthere is the big beach of Pounda which is famous for its strong winds. For this reason the area is particularly loved by surfers and the lovers of water sports while it is awarded with a Blue Flag due to its spotless waters.

Chrisi Akti is the biggest beach of the island and as its name shows its feature is its golden sand. It is a fully organized beach that offers the visitor all the comforts, without being suffocating due to its size. It is easily accessible, but also ideal for the friends of water sports due to its currents!

Others equally known and beautiful beaches of the island is Santa Maria, a small paradise with emerald waters, Monastiri, ideal for families with kids, Piso Livadiwith the famous Pounda Beach Club and the wild all day parties and many more.