Patmos is a Greek island of the Aegean Sea which belongs to Dodecanese. Specifically, it constitutes the northern island of Dodecanese. It is a special island for the religious life of Christians, as it the place where the student of Jesus Ioannis Theologos was exiled and who wrote the Apocalypsis in Patmos and the namesake of this “Evagelio” the holy book of Christians in the New Testament.

The strong religious interest that Patmos presents, doesn’t cancel the fact that its beach can satisfy even the most demanding visitor. Just 4 km northeast of Skala, the only port of the island, there is the impressive Agriolivado. In fact, its name symbolizes the wonderful golden sand of the beach with the tamarisks that are scattered at the coast and the blue waters. The beach provides taverns, beach bars, but also facilities for water sports, while the dives are taken place with a view to the island of AgiaThekla, where anyone can reach by rowing.

“Petra” is considered the second important archaeological place of the island it is protected from the Archaeology of Dodecanese. What makes the beach of Petra such a special destination is its crystal clear waters and its pebble coast are by the narrow strip of earth that unites the “Rock of Kalikatsos” with land. In many islands the word “Kalikatsou” means a species of protected magpie and is rumored that such birds had their nests in the imposing rock. The view from Vrachos is breathtaking since the only thing that lies in front of the visitor is the endless Aegean with its tiny boats scattered in this, the moment the only sound is that one of the wind and the sea.

Agios Theologos, Geranos and Groikos, which have been joined by the International Organisation “Themostbeautifulbaysintheworld” in the program of the most beautiful bays in the world are some of the countless beaches that anyone can enjoy in their trip to the island of Apokalypsis.