Santorini, Thira or Strogili is an island which is located in the south Aegean Sea, in Cyclades island complex, south of Ios and west of Anafi. Today, Santorini is one of the most famous tourist centers of the world. It is famous for its volcano whose last volcanic activity was in 1950.

Santorini belongs to the volcanic bow of Aegean and is characterized as an active volcano along with Methana, Milos and Nisiros. Its central part was blown with the volcanic crater since the Minoan explosion which took place in 1913 B.C and had as a result the creation of what we call today Kaldera of Santorini and the destruction of the prehistoric civilization of the island. In the sea gap that was formed between Thira and Thirasiawhich has a depth of 1.500 metres, at times volcanic cones came to surface, volcanic cones that formed the following islands: Palaia, Mikri and NeaKameni, Kameni of George the first, Kameni of Fouke, Afroessa and Dafni. All these islands grew little by little and were united.

Undoubtedly, it is the most romantic island in Greece as its sunset is one of the most magical sceneries all around the world. Among the traditional picturesque architecture of Kaldera as well as the breathtaking landscapes with their natural beauty, special place has the beaches of the island too. The most known and impressive beach of the island is the Red Beach which was named after the magic combination the palette of nature created here. Red and black volcanic rocks, are combined with blue Aegean waters, the red tiled sand and the black pebbles and create an unearthly spectacle.

Perivolos may constitute the most cosmopolitan beach of the island, as it manages to combine everything a person wants. Organised deck chairs and beach bars with music for all-day parties, facilities for water sports and traditional small taverns on the wave, but many more peaceful and isolated spots that anyone can enjoy when he is away from shops. It provides grey fine sand and blue waters.

One more beach with busy tourist action is Kamari, which is situated close enough to the island’s airport. It has black sand, fine pebbles and deep waters, while it offers many choices to beach bars, making it ideal for every age.

Some more beaches worth diving is Vlychada with an impressive lunar landscape and exotic atmosphere, the White Beach that makes up the natural continuation of the Red Beach and can be approached only by boat and many more.