Skiathos is the nearest in land from the islands of Sporades and one of the islands with the richest vegetation. At the entrance of the port there are the small islands,mainly of which are Small and Big Tsougrias, Maragos, Arko and Aspronisos.

In the town of Skiathos there is preserved the house of AlexandrosPapadiamantis who was born and lived in the island. In town’s port, in a small peninsula there is also the Venetian Fortress (Bourtzi) where today the Nautical Museum is operated. In the fort the primary school of the island was built where the cultural centre of Skiathos is housed today. There are two historical churches in the island, the church of the Birth of Theotokos (PanagiaLimnia or ApanoPanagia), in which the skull of Alexandros Papadiamantis is kept but also the historical miraculous image of PanagiaOdigitriawhich was transferred to Skiathosby some refugees from Limni, Evia. The second major church monument is the Metropolitan Church of TrionIerarchon, patron Saint of Skiathos.

Besides the rich natural beauty of Skiathosdue to its green landscapes, also provides beautiful beaches. The most popular beach in the island is Koukounarieswhich has several times been included in the list with the best beaches in the world. Its golden sandy beach is fully organized with beach bars, deck chairs, taverns and facilities for water sports while whoever wants a more isolated spot he can choose one and have relaxing moments. The wonderful forest of Koukounariesthat there is behind the beach reaches the sea and in combination with the lake of Strofilia which lies back, create not only a fairytale image but a unique wetland too.

Next to Koukounaries there is the famous Banana beach which is separated to Big and Small Banana, which is particularly popular for nudism. Total green landscapes, golden sandy beach, emerald water and a wonderful sunset are some of the reasons why it is especially loved. A special feature consist the beach bars offering endless parties, music and lots of dancing every year.

There are many other beautiful beaches like Lalaria, which is known for the “Empty Stone”, and Vromolithos with the blue crystal waters and the white sundy beach.