Symi is the eighth in size Greek island of Dodecanese. It is situated 12 miles northwest of Rhodes, before the homonymous Mikrasiatiko bay of Symi, or Symbeki bay according to Turkish. The island consists of its natural port, Gialos, purlieu of which the town is built amphitheatrically.

The upper part of the town the so called Chorio, is built on the slope of mountain Vigla, while there are Niborios and Pedi resorts. Symi is a tourist destination of universally importance due to its architecture as already the whole island has been declared archaeological place too.

Special traits of the settlement constitute the traditional buildings of the village, the first mansions, traditional two-storey building with big yards paved with tiles from slate of Symi or decorated with designs of pebbled, typical samples of Aegean architecture. Another special feature is the Neoclassical Mansion of Mouragio and Gialos imposing bipedal and tripod mansions with symmetrical windows and doors which belonged to wealthy merchants and captains, who brought the island the echo of the art trees of west.

Apart from the huge cultural and architectonic legacy of Symi, the beaches of the island are equally beautiful and picturesque. At the east side of the island we meet the most unique beach of Symi, Agios Georgios Disalonas. The name of the beach derives from the picturesque small church of Agios Georgios which is built at the edge of a rock and the name “Disalona” means inaccessible, since the access to the beach can only be done by ship. The scenery is breathtaking for every visitor, since the pebbles and the crystal clear waters of the beach surround the vertical rock of 300 metres.

The best pebbled beach of Symi is also accessible only by boat and it is no other than Nanou. This organised beach offers images of great scenery and total serenity, as the whole bay is surrounded by green cypresses which are reflected to the emerald waters.

The beauties of Symi cannot be counted as all its beaches have a unique beauty. Other beaches worth visiting is Nos beach, a popular and at the same time quiet beach with sand and wonderful waters, Agios Nikolaos, a busy beach at the northeast side of the island, Maroni, a beautiful pebbles beach with a pine forest that almost reaches the water and many more.