Syros is an island of Cyclades with Ermoupoli as a capital which is also the capital of Cyclades Municipality as well as the county town of the region of south Aegean. Syros was particularly developed after 1826, when refugees from Psara, Chios, Crete and Mikra Asia settled there. There was a nautical, industrial and cultural centre of the new Greek state.

One of the most known theatres of Greece, is Apollon Theatre which is located in Ermoupolis. It was found at the end of 1862 in designs of the architect Pietro Sambo who worked then as an architect at Ermoupoli’s Municipality. Special admiration mostly  causes the ordinance of the internal place which competes European theatres of its time.  A major sight of the island is the Archaeological Museum of Syros, which contains an important number of findings from Chalandriani, as well as interesting Hellenistic and Roman sculptures, labels and tombstones from Ermoupoli. Particular parts of civilisation are also the Museum of Copies Cycladic Art, which is at the Cultural centre of Ermoupolis and presents the unknown story of Mikrasiates who rooted there through photographs, objects, documents, depiction of kitchen, personal objects in combination with the memories of childhood.

Syros, apart from being the cultural centre of Cyclades, offers very beautiful beaches that stand out for their clear waters and the fairy taled coasts. The most “popular” beach of the island is Galassas which can satisfy all tastes, since due to its big extent provides quiet spots too where anyone can relax but also organised parts with beach bars, deck chairs and facilities for water sports. Its beach is covered by golden sand and tamarisks which offer their shade from the sun as well as crystal clear waters.

Southwest of Syros and very close to Foinikas and Poseidonia, there are Agathopes one more busy beach of the island. The beach is ideal for families due to its sandy coast and its crystal clear waters. The beach of lilies as it is named due to the lilies that lie throughout its extent, is fully organised while it is exactly opposite the small uninhabited small islands Stroggilo and Shoinonisi.

The visitor of Syros can visit other beautiful beaches too like Kini, next to the picturesque settlement that is offered for romantic dives but also magical sunsets, Vari, a beautiful small bay with shallow waters and ideal for walking, Foinikas an endless sandy beach where after diving anyone can enjoy fresh fish and other island delicacies and many more.