Tinos is the third in size island of Cyclades after Naxos and Andros. It belongs to the north Cyclades and it is situated southeast of Andros and northwest of Mykonos. Tsiknias which is located to the eastis the highest mountain of the island with a height of 726 metres. At the central part the steep rock of Exomvourgos with 641 metres height dominates with the ancient and the Venetian town.

Iconic spot of the island is the church of Evagelistria with the homonymous miraculous according to the Christian tradition, image. The church celebrates on 25 March (Evagelismos of Theotokos), yet it consists the most popular destination of 15 August (Koimisis of Theotokos). Characterised as “the island of Art and Civilisation” as it constitutes the biggest centre of marble sculpture in modern Greece with crowds of anonymous craftsmen but also top renowned artists attracting their origin from the island. Tinosoffers the visitor the chance to discover the materialistic cultural legacy , through the museums, the classes of Art, the archaeological places and religious sights but also through the contact with the lively artistic tradition. Special spots of cultural legacy of the island constitute the Church of Poseidon, the Archaeological Museum and Oursoulines Monastery. Famous are the paths of the island, cobbled or paved roads total length of 400 km.

Besides the strong religious element of Tinos, worth admiring are some of the beaches where the Aegean blue meets the gold of sand, giving impressive images. A beach that doesn’t remind those that we are used to from the islands of Cyclades is Kolimbithra beach. The two beaches with the green blue waters and the golden sand are particularly popular due to its beautiful scenery but also the water sports that someone will find there, as it is the favorite destination of the surfers.

In a very close distance from Chora there is the biggest beach of the island, Agios Fokas. Its sandy beach is organised with umbrellas and deck chairs, whereas whoever wants, he can find even the most deserted parts. The dives in the crystal clear waters of the beach, are taken place with a view to the sacred island of Dilos.

Beautiful and ideal for small escapes are other beaches of the island, like Agios Sostis which is ideal for families, Agios Romanos which even though it is inaccessible rewards the visitor with its clear green blue waters and many more.