Zakynthos, internationally known as “Zante” or Fioroof Levante(East Flower) f Venetians, is  one of the Ionian islands.It is eleventh island in extent in Greece as well as the third in extent and the second island in population in Ionian Sea.Its extent is 406 km and its population rises to 40.758 residents.It is 9,5 nautical miles from Peloponnisos and 8,5 nautical miles from the nearest north to island,Kefalonia.

The west and northeastern coasts of Zakynthos is a protected area Natura 2000 network.The area from the bay  of Agios Nikolaos in the northeast Zakynthosby AkraMarathia in south Zakynthosare included.The steep west coasts of the island are the foot of Mount Ainos and are covered by shrubs while in the woodland areas the Aleppo pines are prevaled. 214.190 acres of the area are covered by the special protection zone of Natura 2000.In the area’s Fauna Mediterranean seals and sea turtles KaretaKaretaare included.One of the most interesting sights of the island is Navagio  of Zakynthos or “Panagiotis” which is located to the deserted coast St.George and classified to the most beautiful beaches of Greece and of the world.This beach is in the northwest part of the island and the access to this is feasible only by boat or a small ship.

Laganas is also one of the most beautiful and popular beaches of Zakinthos.The beach has the peculiarity to the one of the most important places for egg laying of KaretaKareta turtle in  Greece and maybe in the Mediterranean.Its golden sandy beach is one of the biggest in Greece and provides organised beach bars with deck chairs but freespots too.Despite the big number of visitorsthe beach attracts, its waters are clear, while  because of the special Fauna that is hosted water sports are not allowed.

One more small but quiet beach is that of Agios Sostis from where you can visit the opposite island of Agios Sostis through the wooden small bridge that connect  them.

Special is the heavenly coasts in idyllic Marathonisi. A small inhabited and green small island at Lagana’sbay which gives magical images to visitors with its golden beach, its blue watersand its special sunset  too.

Endless are the choices of beautiful beaches that Zakynthos offers to its visitors every year. It is worth visiting Gerakas too, the beach which Kareta-Kareta choose for their nests, the Blue Caves in the northwest side of the island that create an impressive spectacle with white caves and blue waters,Porto Limnionas, ideal for diving in the deep water of the bay and many more beaches.