Lesvos is a Greek island in northeast Aegean. It is the third in size Greek island after Crete and Evia, with an extent of 1636 sq km and a coastline of 459 km. It is about a fertile island, with two bays that of Kalloni and Gera, overgrown by pines and olive groves with strong switching of landscapes. The town of Mytilene, which is the other common name of the island is built in the southeast edge of the island on seven hills. Like a contemporary town and administrative, trade- financial and cultural centre consists the seat of the island, the university of Aegean as well as the Ministry of Aegean. Lesvos is considered homeland of ouzo, due to the extensive occupation of the residents with the distillery.Several known ouzo brands come from the island.

Also, the island is famous for its sardines of Kalloni, olive oil but also cheese products.

Major sights of the island consist the fossilised forest of Lesvos, which is one of the two biggest fossilised trees in the world, as well as the Castle of Mytiline, one of the biggest castles of the Mediterranean that covers an extent of 200 acres. Special parts of the island is also the bay of Kalloni and the coastal wetlands of Lesvos, that are protected natural reserves of Natura 2000.

The gastronomic tradition of Mytilenecreates the perfect combination for someone to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the island. The biggest beach of the island, the famous Vatera, impresses every visitor, since its length is about 9 km. It is about a huge sandy beach where anyone can find deck chairs, beach bars and small taverns but also isolated spots for moments of serenity. In fact, the beach is an ideal destination for camping lovers as in many parts with exceptional wasteland beauty camping is allowed.

In a very close distance from the centre of Plomari there is the beautiful beach of Agios Isidoros, which is the most touristic in the island. The white fine pebble, the golden sand and the crystal clear waters of Aegean make the perfect combination. After the dives the seafood delicacies with ouzaki are a must at the traditional small taverns in neighboring Plomari.

Special and beautiful are many more beaches of the island like Agios Ermogeni, a small coast covered in the pines and Tarti on the feet of a green hill.